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GRP100 servo paper peripheral heating mobile preheating cylinder for medium paper

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GRP100 servo paper peripheral heating mobile preheating cylinder for medium paper
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Width: 2800/2500/2200/2000/1800/1600/1400
Speed: 200/250/300/350/400/450 M/min
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Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: YH
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Delivery Time: 3-4months
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 15lines
Product Description

Functional Characteristics

Functional Characteristics


  • Preheating cylinder diameter: ¢ 1000mm;
  • Grinding and polishing treatment of the surface of the hot cylinder: the cylinder body rotates slowly by the motor, so that the friction between the base paper and the cylinder body is reduced. The temperature is average and the service life is long. It can effectively protect the base paper fiber, improve the compression index and speed;
  • There is no reverse gap design for the angle roll of tension chain drive. The angle roll rotates 360 degrees, and the angle is greater than 320 degrees. According to the With the change of humidity, the angle of wrapping angle is changed, and the floating roller is equipped,which can keep the stability of base paper better at high speed;
  • The hot cylinder has passed the national pressure vessel inspection, with the national pressure vessel safety use certificate attached;
  • The angle roll of the traditional preheating cylinder is rotated by a gear, which will produce a certain tension when the base paper passes through, and there will always be some gap between the gears, the paper roll will shake up and down, the faster the speed is, the more dangerous the shaking is, because the shaking of the paper roll affects the uneven tension of the base paper, the noise of the corrugating machine increases, the vibration increases, the paste quantity is unstable, etc. the factory adopts the chain drive with arbitrary tension The design of the angle roll completely avoids the above disadvantages;
  • The steam inlet and the transmission are separated left and right, which is easy to maintain. The integrated design of the protection box and the operation panel is beautiful and practical.
  • Automatic wrap angle, wrap angle motor driven by servo motor
  • Hot cylinder frequency conversion follow-up rotation
  • Hot cylinder dynamic balance processing
  • Preheating cylinder heating mode: peripheral heating, no siphon, maintenance-free, gas storage capacity is 10% of the traditional preheating cylinder, energy saving and environmental protection


GRP100 servo paper peripheral heating mobile preheating cylinder for medium paper 0

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