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300m/Min Alloy Steel Hard Chrome Corrugated Rolls

300m/Min Alloy Steel Hard Chrome Corrugated Rolls
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Material: 50CrMo Precision Forged Alloy Steel
Coating: 60-80μm, American Praxair Super Hard 1342 Tungsten Cabide Powder
Heating Treatment: Intermediate Frequency Quenching
Hardness: >HRC58 After Hardening
Harden Layer Depth: 8-12mm
Micro Hardness: HV1250-1400
Warranty: 35million Linear Meters Or 1 Year, Whichever Comes First
Finishing: Ra <0.6μm
High Light:

Hard Chrome Corrugated Rolls


300m/Min Corrugated Rolls


50CrMo Steel Corrugated Rolls

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Made in China
Brand Name: YH
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 2300mm×400mm
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden Boxes
Delivery Time: 60-90 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1500 sets per year
Product Description

Hard chrome alloy steel corrugated roll for single side corrugator


Alloy Steel Corrugated Roll


1. The corrugated roller is made of high-quality alloy steel. The technology comes from the war industry.

2. The professional grinder is controlled by a high-precision computer.

3. Use special corrugated roller surface treatment technology. The hardness is very high.

4. High speed and large diameter corrugated paper roll. The maximum working speed is 300m/min.

5. Gear type: UV, V. Flute type: A, B, C, BC, D, E, F are optional.

6. Fingerless suction and internal suction are optional.

7. We are engaged in the design, maintenance and manufacture of various corrugated rollers.


Compared Item Chrome Plated Corrugated Roller Tungsten Carbide Corrugated Roller
Flute profile and TUR Due to the poor wear resistance of chrome-plated corrugated roller, in order to ensure the wear height is not lower than the standards,the tooth profile needs to be designed higher accordingly. Tungsten carbide corrugated roller has high hardness, excellent wear resistance and low tooth height. Moreover, it will not reduce the compressive strength of the finished products due to the wear on the top of the tooth. A more optimized v-shape tooth can be designed to increase the strength of the cardboard, reduce the amount of the glue applied and save corrugated paper.
Thickness of finished board Using chrome corrugated roller will lead to wear, and the height of the flute will be lower, so the thickness of corrugated board will be decreased. Tungsten carbide corrugated roller will never wear in theory, and can ensure the finished corrugated board’s durability from high quality production.
Service life of corrugated roller The service life of chrome-plate corrugated roller is generally between 8-12 million meters. The service life of tungsten carbide corrugated roller can reach at least 35 million meters, reducing the number of maintenance and replacement times, saving manpower, material and financial resources.
Usability of corrugated roller’s substrate Because chrome corrugated roller wear resistance is poor, and repair at every time will reduce the corresponding diameter and hardness. Paper rate will be increased accordingly, and the number of repair will be less. Tungsten carbide roller’s wear resistance is good, and it’s tungsten carbide coating adopts special removing process, so corrugated roller substrate can not be damaged, and corrugated roller can be used for many times with repairing.


Medium frequency corrugated paper roll

*Tooth shape: UV, V, similar to V type
*Tooth height: 0.9-5.5mm
*Processing length: the maximum roller length is 2800mm
*Processing diameter: Φ100mm~Φ500mm
*Material: Made in China, 42CrMo~50CrMo
*Hardness: ≥HRC55°

Laser corrugated paper roll
*Surface hardness: above HRC60°
*The characteristics of laser quenching: For the same material, the metallographic structure is more refined. And it is more durable than the traditional quenching process.
* Will not expand surface cracks. This is the best way to repair old rollers.
*The depth distribution of the quenched layer is that the top of the tooth is thicker and the side of the tooth is thinner. It can effectively solve the problem that the main wear part of the roller is the tooth top.


Special material corrugated paper roll

*Hardness: above HRC62°
*Long service life: The service life is more than 50% longer than the roller made of medium carbon chromium molybdenum steel.
*Low cost: The price is only 20% higher than the roll made of medium carbon chromium molybdenum steel.

Tungsten carbide
*Surface hardness: above HRC70°
*The flute height is not easy to wear. Therefore, you do not need to change the rollers frequently. It uses a specially designed flute type.
*Can save the consumption of corrugated paper.

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