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Zhejiang Yonghui Corrugated Roller Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-quality corrugated rollers with professional production equipment and strong technical strength.


Since its establishment in 2004, we have been devoted to the design and research and development of high-quality corrugated rollers; We have professional production technology, experienced professional design, independent research and development capabilities, and a qualified after-sales service team; complete production process, fully automatic CNC precision grinders, and use the American JP8000 supersonic tungsten carbide spraying equipment, which is currently the most advanced supersonic spraying equipment in China. Ensure that every design and production can meet the needs of customers and achieve customer value.


All products have been ground with the highest precision CNC grinding machine, with a roundness tolerance of 10 μ M. Adopting nitrogen hardening and medium frequency induction quenching processes, ensuring high hardness and wear resistance of corrugated rollers, and extending their service life. Our company can produce corrugated rollers for all models of single faces.


Main products: tungsten carbide corrugated rollers, wear-resistant hard chrome corrugated rollers, metal anilox rollers, high-precision pressure rollers, glue rollers, doctor rolls and other roller products.

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