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7 ply 2500mm Corrugator Line for corrugated Packaging Machine

1 set
1millon to 3million us dollars
7 ply 2500mm Corrugator  Line for corrugated Packaging Machine
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Layer: 7ply
Machine Speed: 300m/min
Width: 2500mm
Designed Speed: 350m/min
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: YH
Model Number: 400
Payment & Shipping Terms
Delivery Time: 3-4months
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 15lines
Product Description

3Ply/5 Ply/7 ply 2500mm width Corrugator  Line for Corrugated Cardboard Machine


7 ply 2500mm Corrugator  Line for corrugated Packaging Machine 0



YH 450 YH400 YH350 YH300 YH250
Designed Speed 450m/min 400m/min 350m/min 300m/min 250m/min
Max.Speed 400m/min 350m/min 300m/min 300m/min 250m/min
Working Width 1400-3100mm 1400-3100mm 1400-2800mm 1400-2500mm 1400-2200mm
Steam Pressure 0.6-1Mpa 0.6-1Mpa 0.6-1Mpa 0.6-1Mpa 0.6-1Mpa


About Us


The corrugated board production line is a specialized equipment for corrugated board production. We have more than 20 years of experience in production, design, and installation. We always start from the perspective of users and improve the equipment to achieve high speed, high efficiency, safety, and energy conservation, allowing users to achieve high-speed and efficient production, intelligent order switching, cost savings, and perfect products.


Features of our Machine:


1. The exclusive single facer machine invention patent overturns the traditional structure of placing the corrugated rollers up and down, achieving horizontal placement of the corrugated rollers, reducing pressure, making the corrugated board more beautiful, reducing waste, and achieving higher speed and efficiency in the production of corrugated production lines; one-click shutdown, rapid response, reducing the generation of waste; automatically adjusting the gap between the rubber roller and the scraper roller, ensuring uniform gluing; quick-change cartridge, achieving rapid replacement of corrugated rollers in 1 minute to ensure production efficiency;

2. The original paper holder with dual oil cylinders achieves balanced pressure on both sides, reducing the occurrence of paper breaks; using thicker steel to process the paper arms, the arms will not break;

3. Peripheral heating preheating cylinder, the cylinder body rotates slowly, no siphon, the cylinder body temperature is uniform, automatic corner wrapping;

4. The machine is driven independently in layers to achieve precise speed synchronization, and the gap between the rubber roller and the squeegee roller is automatically adjusted according to different edge types

5. 20 hot plates, featuring a unique hydrophobic design, boasting high energy efficiency and steam savings. The pressure roller automatically adjusts its height and pressure based on the thickness of the corrugated cardboard, and is equipped with an automatic correction mechanism

6. The whole line is equipped with temperature control system, humidification spray system, drainage system and slurry supply system

7. Fully automatic correction and paper feeding

8. The unique design of the peripheral heating method saves 30% of steam compared to traditional tile lines;

9. Unique single facer machine and paste machine glue design, saving glue consumption, uniform application of glue, smooth and beautiful cardboard surface, high physical strength;

10. The appearance design of the equipment is beautiful, generous, simple, and easy to clean, preventing accidents such as fires.





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