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F Flute Width 346mm 50CrMo Alloy Steel Corrugated Roller

F Flute Width 346mm 50CrMo Alloy Steel Corrugated Roller
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Material: 50CrMo Precision Forged Alloy Steel
Coating: 60-80μm American Praxair Super Hard 1342 Tungsten Cabide Powder
Width: 2500mm×Φ295/346mm
Heating Treatment: Intermediate Frequency Quenching
Hardness: >HRC58 After Hardening
Micro Hardness: HV1250-1400
Flute Type: F Flute 0.8mm
Warranty: 30million Linear Meters Or 1 Year, Whichever Comes First
Finishing: Ra <0.6μm
Refurbish: 3-4 Times
High Light:

50CrMo Alloy Steel Corrugated Roller


346mm Alloy Steel Corrugated Roller


F Flute Steel Corrugated Roller

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Made in China
Brand Name: YH
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 2500-295/346
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden Boxes
Delivery Time: 60-90 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1500 sets per year
Product Description

2500mm×Φ295/346mm 50CrMo alloy steel corrugated roller

Tungsten Carbide Coated Roll
1. Hardness and wear resistance are second only to diamond.
The service life is 3-5 times that of the chrome-plated corrugated roller.
Change time and cost reduced by 65-80% (including downtime and change costs)
Can be refurbished more times (not replaced)
Reduce the cost of corrugated paper per square meter
Avoid depreciation of related parts due to the concave surface of corrugated rollers (such as rubber rollers, squeegee rollers, pressure rollers, etc.).
2. The quality of corrugated cardboard is consistent
With excellent abrasion resistance, the groove height loss is between 0.06-0.08mm each time it is used. At the same time, as the top of the corrugated paper wears, the pattern of the corrugated paper will not be deformed, and the amount of glue will not increase. Therefore, it minimizes the amount of waste in the cardboard production process and ensures the uniform quality of corrugated cardboard.
3. Reduce the raw material cost of corrugated board
Because tungsten carbide corrugated paper has super abrasion resistance, its groove height loss is minimized, and paper consumption is reduced by more than 1% compared with chrome corrugated paper.
The top of the corrugated paper has less abrasion, which can reduce the slurry consumption cost by 20% to 50% and keep the thickness of the slurry layer uniform.
Avoid the quality restriction of ordinary cardboard and reduce waste loss by 30-50%.

F Flute Width 346mm 50CrMo Alloy Steel Corrugated Roller 0

Technical specifications of super anti-friction tungsten carbide coated corrugated roll
1. 48CrMo alloy steel precision forgings for corrugated rollers
2. Intermediate frequency quenching> HRC55 hardness
3. The thickness of the wear-resistant tungsten carbide coating is between 0.06mm and 0.08mm
4. Microhardness of tungsten carbide coating> HV1250-1400
5. Comprehensive hardness> 75MPa
6. Visible metallographic porosity<0.1
7. Optimized design of economical corrugated paper sample
8. High-speed roller accuracy
Tooth height deviation limit ≤0.025mm
Tolerance of addendum circle runout≤0.025
Tooth width deviation limit≤0.03mm
Tooth profile deviation limit ±0.02mm
Parallelism of gear side counter shaft ≤0.03mm
Tip cylinder element linearity≤0.02mm
Gear index deviation limit ±20″
The height deviation limit of the concave roller is ±5% of the height
9. Fine grinding and polishing of gear surface, roughness Ra≤1.6um
Flute Profile Height(mm) Pitch(mm) Flutes/300mm T.U.R
A UV 4.5-5.0 8.0-9.5 34±3 1.45-1.52
C UV 3.5-4.0 6.8-7.9 41±3 1.37-1.47
B UV 2.5-3.0 5.5-6.5 50±4 1.33-1.41
E UV 1.1-2.0 3.0-3.5 93±6 1.24-1.36
F UV 0.8-1.0 2.2-3.2 115±20 1.19-1.25
G UV 0.6-0.8 1.8-2.8 136±20 1.15-1.20
N UV 0.4-0.6 1.2-2.2 193±55 1.10-1.15
Others UV Customized Design Design Design


Advanced technology of ultra-friction-reducing tungsten carbide coated corrugated roller
1. The most advanced equipment in the world
We introduce the most advanced thermal spray system JP8000 HP/HVOF, which is called the perfect "next generation" by Praxair TAFA in the United States, equipped with the 8100 CORONA air/fuel management system, which is closed-loop controlled by a PC. It has a high-precision control system to ensure flame performance and coating repeatability, so unique coating quality can be achieved.
2. Apply modern high-tech coatings
Cobalt-coated tungsten carbide (WC-Co) powder specially used for corrugating rolls manufactured by the world's top suppliers
3. Advanced professional thermal spraying technology
We strive to make our cobalt-coated tungsten carbide coatings have higher hardness, density and anti-friction properties.
4. Advanced polishing technology
The coating is polished with diamond to form a smooth surface coating with a small friction coefficient.

Precision index of corrugating rolls

Item Index
Gear teeth height limits of deviation ≤ 0.01mm
Addendum circle run out tolerance ≤ 0.02mm
Gear teeth width limits of deviations ≤ 0.015mm
Tooth profile limits of deviations ≤ 0.01mm
Gear lateral face counter shaft parallelism ≤ 0.01mm
Tip cylinder element linear ≤ 0.01mm
Gear teeth division limits of deviations ±10"
Smooth finish Ra<0.6µm



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